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Switch Wiring for O Scale is Not As Hard As You Thought

In case you are building an O scale model railroad layout and are installing electric tracks switches, wiring them takes few minutes. Assume that you are adding an electrical remotely controlled switch to your Lionel train layout. Select the track location where you wish to locate the switch and remove the part of track that the switch will replace. Attach the switch on the three adjacent track portions. If required, use the pliers to help remove any stubborn monitor pins. Do not remove the plastic insulating pins from your switch body. Using your own fingers, loosen and remove the actual three terminal nuts within the switch body. Slip the terminal ends on the switch controller assembly covering the three terminal pins to the switch body and by hand retighten the terminal crazy until the wires are generally snug and secure. Try not to over tighten them or chances are you'll strip the fine thread. Turn on your track transformer or DC electric power pack. This will electrify the track and the switch. Press the buttons within the controller assembly to "throw" the switch into your open or closed placement. To ensure that ones switch operates efficiently, periodically wipe the track to remove any oil or grease which may have dripped from your current locomotive or rolling commodity.

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